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Our Generators are here to serve the client with the industry’s latest standards in terms of output, current, fuel efficiency, clean energy, and complex-custom-made-solutions that allow us to provide full range of solutions. Throughout the developing world we encounter customer requirements that include full-scale solutions to run telecom infrastructure in some areas and security related systems in others.

The Solar Solutions we provide include custom made solutions for the highest or lowest of sizes. Whether it is a 500 MW photovoltaic power plant built in Africa to a small residential project in Europe. We innovate and find new, ground-breaking methods to provide large solutions to even the most complex requirements.

For Welding Machines, we have partnered up with some of the world’s leading players to offer our clients the widest range, from weekend-warriors to infrastructure agencies throughout the developing world and throughout the emerging markets of today and of the future.

Our Batteries are used in the most extreme conditions and always beat any other make. Savvy users in off-grid-desert-areas know which batteries to choose. They pay for them and use them for their home and family for years. Ours users rely on our batteries from A-Z and know that they will not let them down. It is a well-known fact that factories throughout the world and especially in developing countries manufacturer different types of batteries these days. However, the low prices some manufacturers offer tend to cost the customers very dearly. We provide at least 15 years guarantee on all of our batteries. Most of our competitors will not provide half of that, if any at all.

Research and Development

Our R&D Green Energy department meets with start-ups worldwide to find the most innovative opportunities made by the industries brightest minds in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Some of these developments attempt to lower the costs of transportation of gas, improving the required battery sizes for maintaining needed levels of power, and many others.


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In the mid-1800's the Bär family started its own small mechanics shop in the German Empire (nowadays Lithuania). After some seventy years of difficulties, the family's offspring decided to re-establish its operations.

Nowadays, the Berstark brand has its roots deep in over 150 years of tradition, along with an ever developing, modern and innovative solutions-range in encompassing the energy sector in Europe and beyond.

In 2008-2010 we engaged with our Zambian partners to allow them to reach capacity to provide with the booming mining industry. From the changes in the requirements of clients in Ukraine in 2015 to the foreign currency shortages in Zimbabwe in 2016.



We want to listen. Listen to our clients, to the end user, to the freight service, to every player of any size throughout our value chain. By listening we discover the most interesting things. We can respond to the clients’ changing needs. From the 1990’s to the early 2000’s we adapted ourselves to the post-communist era. That included tremendous growth opportunity in Eastern Europe. That opportunity grew ever more attractive in the changing world order of recent years.